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Many in our world are in need of medical humanitarian aid. One of the most respected organisations is Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). This video provides a graphic story of  the reach and range of MSF activities in many countries.

Years ago when I retired and had time to devote to fiction writing I decided to build a story around humanitarian aid. Two of my three novels  in The Long Shadows series have a love story threaded through volunteering in Africa. Although I have chosen Sudan in the late 1990s as the location, similar work is undertaken in many countries and shared among many Non-Government-Organisations (NGOs). The first book Past Imperfect, published recently as an e-book provides the background for several of the main characters who find their way to Sudan in the second book Present Tense which I am currently editing and plan to publish later in the year. While checking previous research I found this wonderful video.

Do watch the video. You will be impressed.



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