Future Hope

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Future Hope by Winfreda Donald

In 1998, Freya travels to the rugged north-west of Scotland, seeking emotional healing after a stressful volunteering mission in famine-affected southern Sudan. As her health and energy is restored she is guided into unexpected journeys by a prophecy that reveals family history and family secrets, and the story of betrayal that culminated in the loss of her first love.

In Africa, when Freya is detailed to take on an entirely different role that takes her closer to the experiences of the refugees and internally displaced persons, their challenges and their despairs, her respect for their courage and the well of hope they call on, deepens.

Future Hope is now published in e-book and paperback formats.

To read a sample, go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/506032 or http://bit.ly/1F5PrAt.

Follow the blog streams for the Long Shadows Series and Researching the Novels for more information.

Past Imperfect and Present Tense, the first two novels of the series are also available through the main online bookseller websites.

Future Hope





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