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The Long Shadows series traces family mysteries, as romance and adventure unfold across the generations...


Past Imperfect

The first book in the Long Shadows series

By the time she is fourteen Freya Dunbar is a resourceful and caring girl who continues to accept family responsibilities beyond the norm. Family is paramount. She has no regrets – she’d do anything for Mama, but she frets at being the odd-one-out in every part of her life. Always alert for memories and anecdotes about the mysteries on both sides of the family she yearns for a sense of belonging. Read more…



Present Tense

The second book in the Long Shadows series

In her thirties Freya returns to Australia thrilled to reunite with her parents and siblings. After disappointments and bereavements Freya volunteers as a humanitarian aid worker and is sent to work in southern Sudan. After a fulfilling but challenging mission she returns to Scotland to find a perspective on all her experiences and to heal. In strange circumstances some of the family mysteries start to unfold. Read more…

Published December 2013


Future Hope

The third book in the Long Shadows series

After another spell in Australia, Freya enjoys a different aspect of Africa during a holiday visit to Kruger National Park before returning to the insecurities of Sudan. While at Kruger and out of the blue, new information about family secrets comes to light. All members of Freya’s humanitarian aid team worry when they are withdrawn from the clinic at the refugee camp because of violence in the area. Read more…

Published December 2014

Past imperfect was not originally envisaged as a separate book. I anticipated that the long shadows cast from the uneasy histories of the fictional Dunbar and Marcou families would haunt the present and the future within a single lengthy novel through brief flashbacks. But as the characters came to life they insisted that the snares of earlier challenges, complications and unintended consequences were vital to understanding Freya’s and Alexander’s roller-coaster experiences from the 1970s onwards. As I learned more about their thoughts and feelings and the issues for their families and friends, the inevitable paths of the saga unfold through the conflicts, choices, heartaches, joys and resolutions until the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Thus Past imperfect became the first novel of the Long shadows series.

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Past Imperfect cover

Past Imperfect cover

The novels are available in e-book or paperback formats from Amazon, Smashwords and other online booksellers


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